Global Teletherapy Announces Its 2017 Scholarship Award Recipient

Global Teletherapy, a leading provider of online speech therapy services, is delighted to announce the winner of its 2017 Academic Excellence Award.

Global Teletherapy well understands the daunting challenge of financing a college education for many deserving students and their families, and wants to do its part to help by offering a $1,000 merit-based scholarship.  

I think that Albert's passion and sensitivity to help others is extraordinary and will go a very long way. We wish him tremendous success.

Alan Goode, CEO of Global Teletherapy

In the same way that Global Teletherapy wants to give back to the community, the company sought out an essay that would respond to the following prompt: "Please discuss and explain: i) why you feel taking responsibility to help your community is important, ii) what you think the three most critical needs of your community are, and iii) how you would implement your ideas to improve it."

Global Teletherapy received and rigorously evaluated hundreds of applications with an eye for both qualifications together with an excellent essay. There were many well-written essays filled with wonderful imaginative ideas and expressions of a deep desire to make a difference.

The choice was difficult, but it was finally decided that the winner of this prestigious scholarship is Albert Appouh. Mr Appouh is an impressive young man with an incredible story of struggling to make a life for himself and get an education while surrounded by many others who ended up on drugs or in jail. 

His entire essay was filled with sensitivity, compassion, insight and determination to give the residents of Newark, N.J., a better future than what he saw around him growing up. He is currently transferring from Rutgers to Columbia and intends to leverage his education and passion to fix up and clean up the streets where he came from.

Alan Goode, the CEO of Global Teletherapy, noted, "I  think that Albert's passion and sensitivity to help others is extraordinary and will go a very long way. We wish him tremendous success."

Global Teletherapy provides state-of-the-art online therapy services to school-age children nationwide. They specialize in online speech therapy, occupational therapy and mental health services.

With the upcoming school year well underway, Global Teletherapy is honored to award its prestigious award to such a deserving young man and is confident that with this important financial assistance, Mr. Appouh will soon be transforming his dreams into reality.

Alan Goode
CEO of Global Teletherapy
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Source: Global Teletherapy